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Surviving Tribulation

We have curated a collection of training videos tp help you weather the tribulations to come. We have grouped these into 4 main categories to help you, your family and friends to survive as best possible when things get bad.


Spiritual warfare is real. We see it every day in the media. We experience it in our own lives on a daily basis. At home, at work and on the streets. We have collected some powerful videos to give you a biblical foundation to fight these evil forces.


Evilness runs rampant in our world today; assaults, home invasions, rape and robbery, it's more important now than ever to prepare yourself, family and friends. These videos have been curated to provide you the knowledge to survive any type of physical attack.


The 2020 Presidential election is right around the corner. There is some talk about a potential second civil war breaking out no matter which way the election goes. Even if this never happens, natural and man-made disasters still occur. Make sure you know what you need to do to survive in any event.


You use tactical to describe an action or plan which is intended to help someone achieve what they want in a particular situation. The is the inverse of defense. It could mean taking the fight to the enemy to appropriate their resources or as a first-strike defensive strategy.